Monday, December 27, 2010

Usually I am trigger happy with my camera, especially at holidays. This year however, I seemed much too preoccupied with spending time with family to take many pictures. However, I did manage to snap a few of Christmas weekend
Our Family Tree

Samuel tearing into his stocking.
When I was younger my mother decided to forge a new family tradition and started making stockings for family members out of canvas, painting unique and intricate designs on them. Every time a person is married and has a child, she makes a new one. I love these stockings and that my husband and children each has one.
Rylee examining the contents of her stocking.


Sammy and his Night Fury toy.

Our Cousin Sophie

Nana Lou (my mother in law)

Our cousin Joshua

Rylee unwrapping gifts and wearing her pretty dress.

Julie's Mantle

Auntie Lori (my sister in law) and Sammy

My father in his spot
 Christmas at my parents' house is no longer a 5 am ritual, as  people congregate here, traveling from their homes. We usually start Christmas around 10 am, or whenever people are all gathered.
Seth had the honor of reading Luke 2 this year. This tradition as not changed, and I hope it never does.

My mother's tree.
 Christmas in NH with family was wonderful and magical, and I have a feeling that for me it always will be. It was bookended by a pretty epic blizzard that we were brilliant enough to decide to drive home in... We made it home and have another year of memories to treasure. As I write this I look around my chaotic house filled with toys and packages and know that this next week has its work cut out for me, but know that we are so very blessed, not because of all the gifts, but because of the people in our lives that they represent. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. I know we did.


Lizzie said...

Lovely Crystal, just lovely. So glad you made it home safe and sound.

Bethany {3SonsPlus1} said...

I'm glad you had a beautiful Christmas! Say hello to Seth for me. :)

Crystal said...

@ Lizzie, thank you. :) I am grateful we made it home safe, although I might think twice next time we get caught up there during a blizzard. :)
@Bethany, :) Thank you! I love Christmas time, and every year we seem to find something new to add to an already long list of traditions. Hope you had a great christmas as well! :) And I will most certainly say Hi to Seth for you. :)