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So, today marks the first day of "Speak out with your Geek Out".

Since I am a "geek of all trades"- or many at least- I found it difficult to narrow it down to just one topic. I am currently intrigued by the world (or worlds) of Steampunk. Because Steampunk can have many facets, including movies, literature, music, and folk art, I shall focus this blog entry on Cosplay (costume play). I have been having the time of my life creating Steampunk-esque costumes and accessories, from repurposing old things to creating new things.

I have loved dress up ever since I was a child. And as an adult, I am still having a blast creating costumes and finding places to wear them.

I first learned how to sew from my mother, and then with some help from a friend. I made a few costumes for a few roles I played at a community theatre I was involved in. But, then I moved out of state, and had to sew on my own. I was slightly afraid to sew on my own, but I gave it a try.
"Lady Amberlinn" costume I made for our local Renaissance Faire
There were a few things I rushed through, and I ran out of eyelets needed to lace up the front of the dress, but I am quite pleased with my first solo project. I then decided it might be fun to sew something for my daughter for her Halloween costume. When I asked her what she wanted me to make her, she requested Piplup from Pokemon. How hard could that be? There was no pattern for this character. I had to wing it. She loved the result, as did her friends.
Rylee as Piplup
It wasn't long before my group of friends and I had discovered TempleCon. The new oppurtunity for gaming was made all the more sweeter by the cosplay that would occur. And we began our various projects for Steampunk costumes, peicing together things we found at thrift stores. Here are a few things that I came up with.
Steampunk Tink

Repurposed thrift store finds = Fantastic Steampunk Costume
Created from an upcycled dress and skirt from a thrift store

Then we heard that there was going to be an International Steampunk City nearby, and we wanted to make it a family event. Creating a costume for my son was easy. I found him a cool hat and he wore his Easter suit. Finding something for my daughter was slightly more complicated, so I found a pattern she liked and a fabric she loved and went to work. This is what I came up with for my kids for Steampunk City.
Rylee in her Pink Cupcake dress

Sammy, quite the little Gentleman

Time Traveling is a Family Affair

The kids and I at the Charles River

While I love my costume collection, it is ever growing. I have my favorites, but I like to add to them. I even created a ball gown.
Ball Gown I made from lavender satin and Chinese brocade
Removable Bustle. There is also a removeable train.

As you can see, I love creating costumes. Some I make from patterns, some I create on my own, and others I peice together from the neat things I find. Soon, my husband, friends and I will be off on another Steampunk related adventure. Perhaps we will find more unique things to add to our various collections. Until then, here are few of my favorite pictures of my cosplay, my husband's cosplay, and friends' cosplay:
I dressed as my NightElf counterpart for Halloween a few years ago. I even recreated our Guild's tabard.

My sister, my daughter, and I at one of those Old Timey photo places

Seth and his "Big Game Hunter" costume, complete with Pith Helmet and Blunderbus, and my friends and I in our various finery
Our Serenity RPG group "The Crew of the Sally Forth", in steampunk attire

In some shiny Temple Con finds

Seth and I with our friends at Temple Con

Seth showing off a few of his fave Steampunk treasures ( he created that blunderbus out of a yard of beer and a toy laser rifle.)

My mister and I in some of our finest Steampunk attire

I love Cosplay. And these pictures are only the tip of the iceburg.

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