Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Heat Wave on Cape Cod

My Son Samuel soaking up the sun.
Hannah's daughter investigating some Seaweed
Hannah's son wading in the ocean.

Today was yet another beautiful hot summer day on Cape Cod. One of my closest friends and I decided to seize the day and take our respective children to the beach. We packed excited children in the van, along with gear and ample water and sunscreen, and headed out on our summer adventure. Beaches on Cape Cod are beautiful, but are oftentimes overrun in the summertime by eager tourists vacationing here. Knowing this, we picked up a parking pass from the MWR on base for one of the less popular beaches in the area. Hannah remembered a particular location another friend had taken her once, so we headed there. It has now become our new secret summer haven.
My daughter Rylee gives me a wave before she explores the beach some more.
Sand Dunes
Three of them playing in the water.

Aside from hitting the beach, we have taken to visiting the base pool as well as hiding in our air conditioned homes. It might be rediculously hot out there, but we are living it up. :)
Me and Samuel in the base pool.
Rylee, my happy fish.
Brother and Sister

We also like going out on walks when the heat isn't so oppressive.
Sammy likes being the leader.
Seth walking our sweet Molly.
Flag at Otis Memorial Park
Rylee and Sammy racing at Otis Memorial Park.
Flag and Fountain
Molly was VERY thirsty after that adventure.
Murphy just slept the whole time.

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