Saturday, July 24, 2010

There is nothing like a good book

So here I am, yet again, writing a sporadic blog post. I've been pondering what to write for a week or so and finally just decided to write. Life has a funny way of making itself busy whether I planned it that way or not. So, what is it that has been keeping me occupied this last week or so?
For starters, we have been spending time at the base pool. The kids love it. We are so blessed to be living on a base that offers pool access.
We made an appearance at park day, which generally consists of homeschooling families. This makes us the oddballs as I don't home school my children currently. The homeschoolers don't seem to mind, which I think is pretty cool. I've been polling the home school moms to find out what their primary reasons for homeschooling is, and I think its very cool to hear all the many reasons people have chosen this mode of education for their children. And you know what I find refreshing? Many of the reasons I am getting from other home school moms go way above and beyond the stereotypical religion answer. Makes a girl think.
What else have I been doing? Reading. Its been a long time since I have sat down and actually read an entire book. It seems that most days I get busy with life and there are too many interruptions. So what book caught my attention long enough for me to read the whole thing? Imaginary Jesus by Matt Mikalatos. This book was recommended by my good friend Lori, who read and reviewed the book prior to recommending it for the summer book club. I love this book. Matt has an abstract way of writing which creates a very unique story full of truth. This definitely brought me face to face with some Imaginary Jesus' in my own life. I laughed, I cried. Awesome book.
Yesterday an iconic movie was released to the theatres. Ramona and Beezus. Yes, that's right. Iconic. Anyone who has read the Ramona books by Ms. Cleary knows that this movie is a MUST see. So, I decided to make this a mother/daughter date and bring Rylee. We of course loved the movie. I cannot wait to buy this movie when it is out on DVD and I think my daughter is finally old enough to start reading the brilliance that is Ramona Quimby. As we arrived home from our afternoon of girl time, I was greeted by an anxious husband that asked if I had checked my facebook yet. I said I had not, suspiciously looking at him. Something was off in the room but I had not yet put my finger on it. I checked my facebook page. Nothing. I checked Seth's page. And then I saw it. The picture of my grandmother's table in a gazillion pieces on the back lawn. My dining room table. Broken. I seriously can't leave the boys alone for a minute... When I asked what happened, my husband admitted to trying to use the table as a stool for his surround sound project. It was an abysmal failure. I have no more table. I did not quite know how to feel and informed my husband that I would likely find it funnier in the morning. Here it is, the next day, I still don't know if I think it is funny. However, my husband promised me we can get a new table, so that has cheered me up a little bit. While he is off to the base dump, I think I will read that last chapter in Imaginary Jesus before I get started on today in search for a new book to read and a new table to eat at.


Matt Mikalatos said...

Crystal... I'm so glad you've enjoyed Imaginary Jesus! And also, sorry about your table. What happened?

Crystal said...

Matt, your book was so awesome- and some of the things you wrote about really hit home (including the baby thing). It was a really eye-opening (and entertaining- but mostly eye-opening) read. :) I was so surprised you had commented on my blog, so I called Lori (my friend who reviewed your book) and she laughed and said you like to do that. :)

As for my table... LOL, my husband Seth was installing our surround sound (yay!) while I took our daughter to the movies. I guess the step ladder we have isnt tall enough so he used the dining table (which is as old as me) to complete the project... Apparently the table wasnt as sturdy as he thought, and even though the table did not survive, Im thankful he came out unscathed. :) We found another table on Craigslist this morning, so dining room picnics won't last too long.

Matt Mikalatos said...

Oy, your husband sounds like me. Except I think that I would have failed to get the surround sound in, so there would have been a broken family heirloom and a half-installed surround sound system.

Yeah, I like to keep tabs on what people are saying about the book, and I love talking with the people who are reading it. I'm really thankful that my wife let me share about the baby... I think it really became the emotional center of the book, and it would have been a lot less powerful without it.

Crystal said...

LOL, you know, he finished the job- but had to use packing tape to help hold that last speaker in place.... he promised me that he would fix that, but its not that noticeable... and I think its kinda funny.

I think its cool that you can keep tabs on what people think of Imaginary Jesus. I'm sure the audience is ever growing too as more and more people talk about it. I think it was a great choice for our summer book club at chuch. As for the baby thing... that is a very personal and vulnerable thing to put in a book, but very strong of you and your wife to share it. We lost a baby too. That was a very hard thing to deal with and heal from. All those things that you wrote about, we know so well- right up until the end of your book. And not just the baby thing- the Imaginary Jesus thing too. There have been more than a few of those throughout my life too. Really makes a person think. :)

Looking forward to your next book! :)

Matt Mikalatos said...

I'm in a hammock in my backyard working on the next book right now!

I'm sorry to hear about your baby. I was surprised by how deep the emotions were after that loss. We actually had two miscarriages but it was confusing to try to explain that in the book.

I'm glad you're having insights into who Jesus is (or isn't) too. I tried to leave plenty of room for Jesus to say things about himself instead of me preaching about it. :)

Crystal said...

I love the freedom that laptops allow us these days- the ability to write novels in the comfort of your hammock is just plain awesome. I frequent the local Borders when I can, but most of the time, I just chill on my couch blogging (or- gasp- Facebooking....)

Anyway, thanks about the baby. That was a very rough thing for us. I think my husband was shocked at how he felt about it actually too- I don't think he expected to be as devestated as he was. But, God heals broken hearts, and we were blessed with our son Samuel (partly named for my husband's oldest friend, and partly named for Samuel in the Bible as I felt much like Hannah.) Im sorry for both of your losses, but happy for all those blessings of yours!
About Imaginary Jesus': this seems to be an ongoing adventure for me, but I suppose that's true of anyone and their relationship with God. It is so easy to get caught up in the world, society, or even church politics, that we lose sight of who God (and Jesus) really is. :) Thanks again for writing such a terrific book and taking time to comment back and forth with me- Im sure you have your hands full with the new book, family life, and everything else you do! God certainly used you to make a dent in our corner of New England. :)

Matt Mikalatos said...

Thanks for the kinds words, Crystal. I enjoyed talking with you! God bless!