Saturday, June 19, 2010

Simply Saturday

I thought long and hard about the witty things I could write here tonight, but I must resign that I have nothing clever this evening. So in lieu of writing something poignant, I shall recap the days events.

We missed the Toy Story 3 opening yesterday in favor of going to a Matinee today with the kids. I loved the first two movies and the third was no exception. While I thought it was a deeper plot, it was still brilliant. There were a few times the kids got concerned, and the end brought my daughter and I to tears. Yet, despite the emotional roller coaster, I am glad we got to go to the movies as a family. This is a rarity and we usually wait until a movie is out on DVD to actually see it. All in all, we had a great family outing.

This afternoon, Seth and I packed the van with most of the necessities we will be bringing with us on our upcoming camping trip. I still have plenty of laundry to do and the food to pack, but we are mostly ready for our first camp out as a family.

This evening we met up with friends at Sam Diego's for food and in celebration of our friend Larissa's recent graduation. Plenty of laughter tonight at one of my favorite restaurants. Our poor babysitter, on the other hand, had to deal with a potty mishap and no clean underwear or diapers for our son, who is mostly OK with the potty these days. Thank goodness she only lives a few streets away and her mother was able to bring some diapers. While our sitter was changing our son and cleaning him up, she left her dinner on the counter... and our golden retriever helped herself... Next time I will plan on having back up diapers on hand and make she our sitter knows that we have an open fridge policy in case she is hungry. Everything turned out alright and our kids were great. I am pleased that we have never had an issue with a babysitter yet, even if there might have been an accident here and there and our puppy can be a food snatcher when your back is turned.

This was our Saturday and I am happy with it. :)


Bethany said...

Hey there, didn't know you'd started a the fun really begins, hee hee! :) Looks great, I'll have to hop back and read when I've got more time!

Crystal said...

:) Yea, the blog is new, although I used to keep one years ago on Myspace. :) Its been fun writing on here- I can share more here than I could on a social networking site. :)